General Information

Jackal is a work in progress. I came up with the idea for it about two years ago, and I still haven’t completely mapped out my plot. It’s been coming together more and more as of recently, but I’ve been devoting most of my time to my other novel, Visions of Monsters. Be sure to watch this page, I will be updating it more in the future. But for now, feel free to enjoy a sloppy synopsis.


Egypt is in a time of great change.  Amenhotep IV, the new pharaoh, has taken over and introduced unorthodox policies. Polytheism–a staple of life for all Egyptians–is outlawed, with Aten proclaimed as the only God and Amun being removed as the patron deity. The flourishing capital of Thebes is abandoned for a new virgin land called Akhetaten, soon to be the future capital. With change comes consequence. Khamet, a young Egyptian, is learning that the hard way. After the pharaoh sent Khamet’s father, a high priest of Amun, on a hopeless quarrying expedition into the desert, Khamet has been forced to be the patriarch of his family. He knows and accepts that his father will never return, but he hides this from his younger sister, Isis.

Khamet and Isis try to get by in the new capital Akhetaten. As the pharaoh becomes more and more restricting, hardship begins to plague the people. Disease and starvation are rampant. Khamet, working as a servant to support his sister, begins to have dreams of many spirits and gods visiting him, namely a strange, talking Jackal. Khamet soon learns the old gods are angry at being abandoned, and they have chosen him to restore their power and glory. Khamet, armed with nothing but the presence of a spectral Jackal, must find a way to dethrone the pharaoh and restore Egypt to its former glory.

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