Readers/Editors Wanted

Hey everyone. Been pretty dead around here. It’s partially due to my college classes and my job, but mostly to my laziness and procrastination. I just finished another chapter of Visions of Monsters and I’d like to remind everyone that I need readers. I have two and I love them to death, but I’d really like the opinions of multiple people. If you’re interested, you can read a basic synopsis on the “Visions of Monsters” tab and let me know if you’d like to be a beta reader. In return, you get a piece of my soul.

For those of you that need more convincing, I’ve posted a link to the first chapter of Visions of Monsters. I’ve uploaded it through my deviantArt and you’ll need to download the document (I promise it’s virus free). After you the read the first chapter (and if you’re interested in reading more), just shoot me a message or a comment and I’ll be sure to get the links to you whenever I finish a new chapter. Here’s the link:

Also, please don’t steal this chapter or any of my ideas. I get nervous when I put chapters out for everyone to read because of plagiarism. If you plagiarize my work, I will find you and I will cut you.

Finally, a big thanks to everyone in advance. I’d especially like to thank my fellow readers, Jessica and Neve, for sticking through this slow process of re-writing VoM.