Visions of Monsters

General Information

Visions of Monsters is my very first novel. I’ve been working on it since I was sixteen. It is currently in its third rewrite stage after years of hesitation and doubt. It started out as just a vampire novel, and in the midst of the Twilight craze, I began to work on it less and less. Recently, I decided to revive it and turn it into something other than “just another vampire novel.” Visions of Monsters now includes vampires, ghosts, demons, angels, and more. If you’re looking for a vampire novel without the mindless romance and fluff, VoM is just that. VoM is currently my main project, and if you’d like to help me by reading through/editing it, please let me know!


For the last few months, Cassandra Clancy has been plagued by nightmares in which witnesses murders as they occur. There’s only one slight detail–she isn’t witnessing as much as she is killing the victims herself. She isn’t exactly herself in her dreams, however; she inhabits the body of an unfamiliar man as she commits the murders. Cassie ignores her nightmares until she is unwillingly drawn into a world involving the unknown and unbelievable. When she witnesses a murder in an alleyway one evening, she is chased by a man eerily similar to the one she becomes in her nightmares. Cassie, confused and victimized, is left with her hands tied, helpless to do anything.

It is when she dreams of scenes pointing to her missing friend’s death that she decides to get involved and track down the killer she becomes in her nightmares in order to find some answers. After some research and help from her dreams, she manages to find the man, but the situation is more dire than she expected. She discovers that he is a creature of myth–a vampire–and he has a bone to pick with her. Assumed to be a spy for a rival demonic race, she is forced to help the murderer and his brother in exchange for mercy. Cassie reluctantly sides with the murderers, even though all of the evidence leads to the brothers being the prime suspects of her best friend’s disappearance.  Little does she know she’s about to play a pivotal role in a ages-old demonic civil war that may not only destroy the vampires, but all of humanity as well.

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